Companies in mindfulness and related fields will greatly benefit from being a founding sponsor to the American Mindfulness Association. Founding sponsorship of the American Mindfulness Association is a unique way to create credibility, trust, and connection within the professional mindfulness community.

Founding sponsorships do require a financial commitment (see levels below) and provide businesses with excellent exposure. As a result of these sponsorships, you will be able to foster your positive reputation in the association community. You will attract media attention and set yourself apart, inspiring brand loyalty and aligning your values with the American Mindfulness Association.

Sponsorships are customizable based on the partnership between the organization and partner.

Gain Insights on Newest Industry Trends
Build Valuable Relationships
Generate Leads
Foster a Positive Reputation
Reach Sales Goals
Expand Organizations Content Strategy

Sponsorship Levels

Yes there are organizations that serve a complimentary need with one key difference – their work is often outward looking to teach mindfulness vs. inward looking as to how we can truly mindfully connect to support the greater mindful profession.