Making the investment to be a member of the American Mindfulness Association projects a positive image

According to American Business Magazine approximately 85% of all business failures occur in firms that are not members of their respected trade association.​

Individual Membership

For people looking for membership benefits for just one person in their company.

Student Membership

$ 199 Annually
  • To qualify as an AMA Student Member, applicants must be currently enrolled as a full-time or part-time student at a university, college, or school (18 years of age minimum). You will be asked to submit proof of student status.
  • Membership is open to all countries.

Professional Practitioner Membership

$ 349 Annually
  • American Mindfulness Assn Professional Members are individuals dedicated to advancing mindfulness as a business practice. They aim to support a community that cultivates the mission and vision of The American Mindfulness Association.
  • Professional Members are practitioners of mindfulness and intend to continue learning about the latest advances in mindfulness research and practice using the multiple AMA resources provided to members. Membership is open to people from all countries.

Corporate Supplier Membership

$ 499 Annually
  • American Mindfulness Assn Corporate Members are individuals that sell a product or service to the mindfulness industry.
  • Examples may include technology tools, applications, audio or online programs.

Members of the American Mindfulness Association sign the following membership code of conduct agreement:

As an American Mindfulness Association member, one should aspire to:

  • Be honest in conducting the members’ business
  • Respect and uphold public laws that govern one’s work
  • Respect confidentiality of information
  • Act fairly
  • Foster ethical culture through one’s work
  • Take responsibility for one’s conduct